Spending a little now to get your home ready can mean a faster, more profitable sale.

Realtor® Ed Judkins has been selling homes in Fort Wayne and Northeast Indiana for more than 25 years. Combined with his extensive experience maintaining rental properties, Ed has an eye for making a home "presentable." 

Even small things that most sellers would miss could be enough to turn an interested buyer away; a buyer that may have entered the home planning to make an offer. Don't miss out on the right people with the wrong presentation. Hire a professional to iron out the wrinkles and get you on a timeline for success. Ed Judkins is your local Fort Wayne Realtor® and home-prepping expert.  You will not regret having Ed in your corner when it's time to list your home and the buyers and offers start coming in.

Now is a great time to sell!


With fewer homes on the market, prices are rising and interested parties are offering more upfront to secure their bid. This buts the seller in the driver's seat with more leverage and less waiting.

When the Price is Right

Pricing your home appropriately may be the most effective way to peak interest in buyers. As a Realtor®, Ed Judkins has an array of tools with which to analyze your property. These tools, combined with his expensive experience in the market, assist Ed in providing accurate and proven value estimates for your consideration.

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25 Years of Selling Homes

A novice is someone learning a trade; just starting out, and while they may have the best of intentions, intentions cannot replace heard-earned experience. Ed Judkins is not a novice. For 25 years Ed has had the pleasure of selling homes for his clients throughout Northeast Indiana. Choose experience, choose know-how, choose Ed.

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Proper presentation is everything when selling a home.

Keep buyers from losing interest due to minor distractions.

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